Behind the Songs: ‘Sing’

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Hey you sexy wind machines!

I wanted to share another story behind a song with you. This time I wanted to give you some insight into one of my singles: ‘Sing‘. (you can find the lyrics right… here) ((Oh there’s even a lyric video. Thank you! Awesome person who made this!)

The winds of change. The Scorpions made that beautiful song. I heard it for the first time as a small kid, singing in a church choir. I never really got the meaning of the song because I wasn’t a very politically engaged kid and gave those winds a different direction and meaning.

Do you recognize that feeling of frustration, anxiety and discomfort in your life. You feel that things aren’t quite right but you can’t pinpoint what it exactly is. I’ve been studying that feeling for a while now and I call them the Winds of Change. Whenever I feel this I know I need to change something in my life because life as it is, isn’t making me very happy. This could be anything: ending a difficult relationship, quitting your job or starting something new. I found that it is key to try to not lie to yourself. Which is, one of the most difficult things in life if you ask me.

Making big changes in your life is always a little scary. You never know what life looks life after the change. I like this mind exercise I learned at a Mike Dooley seminar. Imagine yourself driving in your car in the midst of the night. There are no road lights because the government is trying to save money. (and the environment is a surplus). So you see nothing except what is right in front of you as far as your car lights reach. Although you don’t know if the road is going to take turns in a few meters you know you can drive a 1000 kms like this because you trust you will make a right decision when the curve is right in front of you. Do you get the metaphor? 😉

Sing is a mantra to remind myself that although I can’t see the near future, it is not a reason to avoid making big and important changes in life. In hindsight those changes always seemed so easy, don’t they? There are two more things I try to remind myself of.. First.. Life is always going up! And second: If things are changing, they are getting better!

“Can you hear the wind sing?”



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