14 song titles that didn’t make it to the new album

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Hi there Titans!

Today it is exactly one year ago that some of you heard a first song of my album Indigo. As you might already know: I’m working on my new album!! I’m really happy to be back in the studio. What I noticed is I write my best songs when I’m traveling. So I’m glad I had the opportunity to squeeze a few short trips in my busy schedule. Thank you for making sure I’ve been busy lately you, supercoolhappylovethings! I’m having an awesome time in the studio and I can’t stop smiling.

Here are 14 song titles that didn’t make it to the new album:
  1. The Blues
  2. Every Time You Call (I’m super busy)
  3. The Purple Kind of Blue
  4. Don’t Miss You At All
  5. Africa and other continents
  6. Keep Forgetting (to call you back)
  7. I Hope You Feel Bad Too
  8. When I Come Back To You
  9. Voicemail
  10. It’s Definitely You
  11. What’s the WIFI password?
  12. Nothing is Really Far Away if  You Compare it to Astronomical Units
  13. Bring Me Back The Sun Was Just a Metaphor. (Its way too hot to carry around. And I wouldn’t even know what to do with it eventually.)
  14. Everybody is my friend on Instagram. (what.. you’re not? @pollyanna_music)


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